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New research links genetic defects in carbohydrate digestion to irritable bowel syndrome

“People with IBS often connect their symptoms to certain foods, particularly fermentable carbohydrates. We tested the hypothesis that genetic changes in the breakdown of disaccharides - small carbohydrates from sugars and starches - may be associated with increased risk of IBS” says corresponding author Mauro D’Amato from Karolinska Institutet.

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Positive 2-year results with MD1003 in progressive MS

MedDay Reports Full Data from Pivotal Phase IIb/III MS-SPI / MS-ON Studies with MD1003 in Multiple Sclerosis at AAN

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Treatment of Progressive multiple sclerosis (MS)

Progressive MS is a serious and severely disabling condition with a high unmet medical need”, said Dr. Peder Walberg, CEO of Medical Need, and continued: “MD-1003 has shown great promise for these severely affected patients which currently have a very poor prognosis and may represent a significant break-through in the treatment of progressive MS. We are delighted about this partnership with MedDay to advance the product in its development and make it available to the MS patients across Europe.

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