What we do

At Medical Need part of Immedica Group, we are specialists in the rare. It is our conviction that there is a need for a pharmaceutical company, dedicated also to very rare conditions and situations in health care and willing to allocate resources also to smaller pharmaceutical products. By building a portfolio of smaller assets for rare conditions, we are able to generate synergies and achieve critical mass across products.

Over the years, we have developed a well-tailored approach for the successful management and marketing of niche and orphan products. We do not operate with a traditional sales force, but with small specialist teams of well-educated individuals, experienced and with a high level of knowledge concerning the diseases, treatments and the needs of the patients and health care. In most cases our team members are physicians or pharmacists or have a university degree in science together with a long experience from health care and/or the pharmaceutical industry. We believe in building strong relations with the key opinion leaders, thought leaders and influencers and have well-established relations and networks across many disease areas.

Our motto is to create win-win-win situations; for the patients, health care and the companies behind a product. We have over the years been very successful in quickly securing market access for our products, including management of the national processes for pricing and reimbursement and making sure all local regulatory requirements are met. Successfully securing reimbursement is critical for a product to be readily available for the patients and prescribers in each market. With our supply chain set-up, we are able to, if necessary, deliver our products to most European patients within 24 hours, fully in line with Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

With the patients’ well-being in mind, we are in certain situations upon request from a prescriber able to make available also products which are still under development on a so called named patient basis, following individual approval by the national regulatory agency. The possibility for named patient use is available in most European markets, when there are no approved treatment alternatives for a condition, or in situations where such alternatives have been exhausted or are unsuitable.

Our overriding philosophy is that everything we do should add value for our customers and partners and most importantly the patients; through knowledge, assistance, services and the products, to secure correct and optimal use of the products leading to best possible treatment outcomes for the benefit of all involved. We are all very proud of what we do and try to achieve, always try to do our best, but are humble in our approach. Listening carefully is the prerequisite to be able to address questions and medical needs and identify possibilities for improvement.