Product information and customer service

Product information

Our motto is to create win-win-win situations; for the patients, health care and the companies behind a product.  We do not operate with a traditional sales force, but small specialist teams of well educated individuals, experienced, with a high level of knowledge concerning the diseases, treatments and  the needs of concerned patients and health care. In most cases our team members are physicians or pharmacists or has a university degree in science together with a long experience from health care and/or the pharmaceutical industry.

The overriding philosophy is that everything we do should add value for our customers and partners; through knowledge,  assistance, services and the products, to secure correct and optimal use of the products leading to best possible treatment outcomes for the benefit of all involved; a true win-win-win. We are all very proud of what we do and try to achieve, always tries to do our best,  but are humble in our approach. Listening carefully is the prerequisite to be able to address questions and medical needs.