What we are looking for

Medical Need part of Immedica Group is constantly scanning the global market for new products and projects which could help satisfy unmet medical needs and improve the situation and life for the affected patients in Europe. In our search, we work closely with a broad range of partners and stakeholders to identify and evaluate potential new projects and products. We are always receptive to and in close dialogue with our extensive networks of health care professionals to identify unmet medical needs and areas for improvement in the treatment of their patients.

We also strive to keep up to date with the frontline research in rare diseases and can offer hospitals and academic institutions who have identified potential new treatment options with assistance in the continued development and commercialization of such projects. We work closely with patient organizations to identify potential issues and problems with current therapies and formulations from a patient perspective, and to spread information about the latest research and clinical trials in their disease.

Finally, we are with our existing networks, track-record and infrastructure well positioned for discussions with our industry peers and existing partners regarding their pipeline products and how Medical Need can fit into their commercialization strategy for all or parts of Europe.

Should you have a suggestion, question or request for products, substances or formulations which are not available or difficult to obtain in your market, we encourage you to contact our Medical Department, and we will be happy to investigate the possibility to resolve the situation.